First tell me… What is Love?


"Love is... actually" Listening contently to the laughter of the one that you let go The open door and offered hand to someone you don't know A free ride to the mountain-top view from the valley you're stuck in .... at the lowest of the low It's for everything and everyone, everywhere raindrops and rivers … Continue reading First tell me… What is Love?

Something In The Air

   A LIL' MORE THAN HOT AIR     The other day, in conversation, a friend apologized for having what they thought was bad breath. "I'm so sorry" she said, guarding her mouth with her hand. "For what?" I replied. "My breath!" She immediately explained that what she ate for breakfast had so much fresh … Continue reading Something In The Air

True Loves Truths

TRUTH IS... What you want is far from what you need TRUTH IS... Seeing growth requires more than just the planted seed TRUTH IS... For some... feeling only exists where there is pain TRUTH IS... To see the rainbow... you must withstand the rain TRUTH IS... There must be darkness for you to see the … Continue reading True Loves Truths

Keeping the Faith

GROUNDED "Good evening folks... this is your captain speaking...." statically coming over the loudspeaker. As the flight crew pauses from their routine, he continues "We have some adverse conditions currently that are causing some delay of our on-time take off." "Just great!" Exclaims the man in the seat behind me. "Excuse me, do we know … Continue reading Keeping the Faith