First tell me… What is Love?

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“Love is… actually”

Listening contently to the laughter of the one that you let go

The open door and offered hand to someone you don’t know

A free ride to the mountain-top view from the valley you’re stuck in

…. at the lowest of the low

It’s for everything and everyone, everywhere raindrops and rivers flow

First things first… not looking to burst your bubble this morning but talking about the business of love is no one liner. It takes quite some time for our  thoughts and ideas on love to mature. So this is a topic that will need to be broken down into bite-size pieces.

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So, looking at it from its beginning stages is where we’ll start. If there was ever a good place to start… it’s at the beginning.

“In the beginning….”

Seeking out the meaning of love starts with really looking at how we define it. If we hope to ever find it; we have to be on the same page. Before hesitation really sets in about what I am cooking up here, let me first remind you of the invitation to join me in what I hope to be a sweet success.

The journey to discovering what true love really is, is not a trip I recommend taking alone. I am going to take the first step and ask you to join me in learning about love as it was always meant to be. So get to bed early and we can start the journey where all things begin… when we first see the light!

baby in black pants holding white balloon while standing
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This is my morning fruit. I hope it’s appealing enough for you to come again.

Now that you’ve found me… feel free to let me know where I can find you.


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