My First Time

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If you could go back to the beginning and re-create the first time… what would it be like?

A little too close to the edge? This may not be what you expected, but this is where we start. What if? The question alone makes the mind wander, the heart ponder and the memory fonder. The possibility of conception rather than rejection makes you turn in a different direction. The “what if” is a proposition to love.

What am I proposing? I am proposing that love, our notion of it and exactly how we feel toward it, greatly depends on the certain outcome. In other words… it has to do with our expectation. What we expect to find… is often what we end up seeing in the end. Unfortunately, we often can only see what is already in existence… the past, the put away, the leftovers.

Are you looking forward to leftovers tonight? Look, left overs are nothing to scoff at… they can actually be pretty good in my book. They are the remains of what you once craved. They were great the first time around and good enough that you want to have the opportunity to reheat and repeat.  However, leftovers don’t last forever. In fact, indulging in leftovers beyond three to four days puts you at risk of food poisoning which means, they can’t linger, you have to eventually toss them.

That being said, if we are lingering on the past… “the leftovers” of what we experienced love to be the first time around… the result could be toxic. Toxic love is no bueno… that’s a no brainer, but some of us have no idea that we’re feeding on leftover love because we are creatures of comfortable habit, drawn to the familiar rather than the unknown.

So… since we have to start afresh, let’s go back to the beginning. I asked you to tell me what it would be like if you could re-create the first time. Would you want it to be exactly the same? Be honest! My honest answer is… (drumroll please)… there is no earthly way!! If it were up to me, the love I would have experienced would have been a little more heavenly.

A new kind of love… the kind that can move heaven and earth is what I want. And if I am hoping to help us find it, I have to start with the one that has the power to create it.

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…” Genesis 1:1

Every good recipe needs to come from somewhere. The recipe of love is no exception.

Morning fruit on the table… thanks for joining me!






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