Second Nature

We’ve covered what we needed to in the beginning and now we know that there has to be a first time for everything. So what’s next…. the second time, naturally. The first attempt to find true love may have been premature, to say the least, but the second round is where it’s all happening.

What is love, actually?” The first question…led us to thinking about the first time we experienced love and pondering whether we would change that experience if the ability to re-create it was within our power. Now we’ll take more than a second to look at what we got out of the first time to determine the direction we are going next.

So…. like many looking for love on the surface, I have to ask the question inquiring minds want to know….

What’s your sign?

Your sign is important because it indicates where you are at and that is something you need to know as much as others. What we have to recognize about the sign we are displaying though is what it is… or in other words, what it is really pointing to or putting out there. When others see your sign is it truly an indication of where you are presently or is it saying something else?

BEWARE of the sign

Although signs are meant to be helpful, reading or interpreting them can be tricky. Signs are posted with a purpose to communicate where you’re at, where you have been or what is expected or lies ahead. However, the sign we carry daily or the one we are often looking for often adds to the confusion rather than contributing to certainty about the final destination.  So if you’re feeling a little lost on your path to finding love and you’re searching for a sign to give you hope for the future, you may need to look elsewhere.

Why do we need a sign?

It’s in our second nature to doubt. We are all just skeptics at heart. In our search for the best, we expect the worst is awaiting us around the corner. Even those of us that continually give our best “in love” to others can be guilty of lacking confidence that it will be received in return. Without a sign, the quest for love leaves us feeling like we are in the middle of nowhere.

The sign of the times

When we are totally lost we can get desperate. Desperation usually has us waving a white flag in surrender hoping that someone will see the smoke signals and come to our rescue. We still look though… to the sea and to the sky for any sign out there that a miracle can happen. In this day and age the signs are everywhere but they are changing by the minute. Everyone is putting up their own billboard to display what they want you to see but they are all over the map, so it would be a fruitless effort if you tried to find where they stand in life and love just by reading their sign.

So this time, I end this mornings search for fruit with a fast. I think what I truly need is a sign of hope. I am tired of playing games. I am not in search for love anymore. I proudly wave my white flag in surrender. I have come to realize, when it comes to love… I really just need salvation.

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