Sleepless Seasons…My Many Reasons

Confessions and Expressions of a Night Owl

It’s that time again… late to bed. It’s just all the thoughts still caught in my head. Just me.

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Another night and good morning the facade passed their test.
Inner view eyes heavy laden, my heart under duress.
Unresolved anxious queries leave one without rest.
Time is unyielding to the need to progress.
Going where awards go to the show “er” up “er”s best dressed
Though alarm clocks stopped sounding I am somehow sleepless
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Feet upon pavement pounding,
Each day brings a quest.
The question worth asking sits still
and we move on to the next.
Ask not and have not,
And so I am put to the test.
In whom shall I trust, do you humbly suggest?
Won’t the clock soon stop ticking? This is why I sleep less. 
time lapse grayscale photograph of people pass through inside transportation terminal
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The race that I’m running,
it seems it’s endless.
While others make the marathon appear effortless.
I seek escape at the ninth mile to be laid to rest.
All the while, deliberating increases my weariness
My shoes, I am re-lacing, though I’d like to walk less.
Intentionally sleep walking improves my sleep less.
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