Love for All Seasons

Fairweather Friends

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Here we are again! This time to put the whole truth on the table about friends. You’ve had the chance to get know a bit about what I love about some of mine and now it’s time to for us to get to the meat  about which ones we can count on all the time.

Through Sun Showers and Storms

– In case you didn’t know… I live in FLORIDA a.k.a. “The Sunshine State” but this optimist had to learn the hard way… that in reality (where the grown ups live) a sunny state of mind is not determined by location. Especially since the weather can change at any time anywhere one chooses to go.

I found my way to my current state by happen-chance… that means I happened to have the chance to be presented with the decision to relocate. It wasn’t an accident, although to many it may be perceived that way. It was definitely part of a plan because God knew what the forecast ahead was going to be for me.

Becoming a Florida transplant has not been the easiest. The first thing I had to get used to was the change of the seasons. Now Floridians don’t experience the awe and wonder of the seasons the whimsical way the rest may. That is because basically the only seasons that the locals weather around here are hurricane season and non-hurricane season. To survive both… you have to be prepared. Can you imagine living in a need to survive mode all year round? Perhaps you already do. If so, I hope this serves to be true and speaks to you.

Some are storm chasers

There are some people who live for the storm. You know who I am talking about…the ones that plan and prepare in expectation of the storm that’s coming. It’s smart to be ready but is it possible to take the planning too far? I mean I have to admit, that used to be me. Personally speaking, I am prone to be a little over zealous when  it comes to trying to get ready, so I had to go to another source… I mean can we really ever be completely prepared?

Consider the source

Those that have experienced the storms in life are the ones you want in your corner. I’m all for a fair-weather friend… you know the type… they never bring the doom and gloom… It’s a great quality to have. However, when the winds pick up and the lights go out… they freak out. Truth be told, it’s because although they may be lighthearted…in the darkness…they have no real experience with shining their light.

I’m proud to say that when some of the fiercest storms in life came my way… I had the privilege of being hunkered down with a local or two that were not storm chasers but they were expert storm-facers. When seeking help in a time of need… take heed. Where friends can be fantastic at giving friendly advice in life, no matter the reason or season… you must consider the source. You must ask yourself…Are they an expert in the field or just an expert of what they feel?

In life the rainy days will come and storms find their way to everyone… that being said, the best way to ensure you fair through all your days is to have someone who the storms don’t phase.

My best friend proves to stand the test of time. His name is Jesus and He is here to let you know that he has enough in him for more than a friend or two.

The best thing of all is He doesn’t just show you he is there, He teaches us how to be there too. He has shown me how to truly say “Lo… I am with you always.”

In the storms of life, He covers me and gives me a little light that allows me to see the awe and wonder of the changes through the all the seasons.

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“and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:20 (NIV)

Tomorrow is Sunday…. time for more of my favorite time, being fed with the fellowship!

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