About Me

The three most prominent traits that make up me are…. I am… unmistakably

... In a relationship

That’s always my status. I am just one single soul but my sole purpose in life stems from my love to relate. It’s primarily because of what’s in me… or rather, who is in me. I have taken the hand of one amazing “more than a man”. His name is Jesus and He is definitely my better half and the whole reason for all that I have on my plate. I couldn’t live or breath without Him and that’s the unavoidable truth.

I am…

… Always hungry

I love to be fed!!! A foodie from creation is what I am friends! I like to believe I am a connoisseur of all things good. However, although I have indulged in some things that turned out bitter I continue to try. Through getting a taste of what life has to offer, we learn what’s really good for us… through experience. Side-note: I am not stingy… I love to share. If I come across a good feed or have an experience where I was fed well, you will hear about it here and probably be invited.

I am…

… A gatherer

In more ways than one, I always gather.

First, I gather at the table. In my Filipino/Spanish/Italian upbringing (I come with lots of family) I acquired my love to share.  As a family, we were always ready to make room for more to come sit at the table and fill up their plate.

Second, I gather for you and me to continue to be fed. Because I am a bit of a “prepper” at heart (call it the “Mom” in me) but I am always thinking about meeting the need of more than me. Honestly though, one of the main reasons I am here is because I am prepping to leave a legacy that I hope will continue to meet the need for the three most important to me (my sons) long after my ability is gone.

Last but not least, I am a gatherer of experiences. I yearn to learn… and I love to share that too. Every experience good or bad that I have had on my plate is put to good use in God’s great plan. I am just glad I now know that He is the one that passes the plate my way and lays out what is spread on my table.

My personal motto in life is… you can never try to fail, you can only fail to try!

So, try me…  see if I please your palate from the first bite for the first time to a second opinion on your second helping… I am just happy to have you Pulling Up a Second Seat 

Now that you have a taste of what I am all about, I hope you come again my friend to indulge in what I have to offer.

P.S. There will be many things I place and share with you on my whole plate that I claim no right and receive no royalty for. So just keep in mind… I love it enough to share it, but if it’s not mine… I will make you aware and link you to the source, so you too can give credit … where credit is due.