Heavenly Love

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Note to self…. I am on a journey into the deep, distant galaxy of my heart’s desires. It may be lightyears from now before I see everything I want to come to fruition. My aim… to fulfill more than my belly while I am here on this earth. My thought is, with everything I have been served I know there is more to my life to come, as a whole. While I wait, I am learning to find myself still and at rest with the one I have for searched for forever.

With my sole-mate…

At the soul of the matter, I’m told if I abide I will dwell in His house… where goodness and mercy flows… all the days of my life Psalm 23:6. So I am following His lead, navigating through a sea of stars, wading a bit outside of my comfort zone, as He has taken my hand and made His promise to never let go.

So… as I sit and watch for what’s coming next,  another day and one more taste of what life and love has in store; I am starstruck with every spoken word He speaks and I am sustained to remain at the table He has prepared.  With present company in attendance I want to be getting the message across. I hope to share more than what you see at first glance. Go ahead and grab a bite, the bread of life is broken and placed at the center for us to partake of it.

Once again… it’s time to sup with the king! Being fed is what makes my heart sing!!!

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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My journey is one that can only start here. It will take me deeper within to find the one that loves me. I will trek to where he resides in the depths of the valleys that rest between the mountainous thoughts that span my mind, in the rivers of words spoken that stream into the sea of my heart and through the desert to the well inherent to my soul.

I plan to travel lightly and have packed my snacks wisely in hopes to have the energy and insight to continue to fill the pages of my every turn, trial and triumph along my path documented here with content that is nutrient rich. I hope it proves valuable to promote more than just the growth of my relationship with the love of my life… but yours as well.