He Found Me First



When the desert blooms

Imagine the last hour of the day… when first light is still so far away

too many hours to fill until light… idle hands itching to end the fight

Wandering alone, in effort to be free but my solitude caught up with me

This was the desert in full bloom… then he found me 



Okay, so now that you know I am here… I guess the next thing to talk about is how I got here. I definitely took the long way and I didn’t stumble upon this page in this chapter of my life accidentally. It was all planned out, but not by me. Here’s just a piece of the story.

Once upon at time, this girl knew what she wanted… the house on the hill, career, kids, happy hubby and a car. A life fulfilled with every need met, but even with these simple things achieved something was missing still. It could not be explained, it just needed to be found. This girl was me and what was missing was my soul.

I was soul-searching for what seemed like the longest time and then one night in February of 2008, I was invited to take my first step toward finding it.  I accepted and I have no idea how I lived without it. I started off with it at one time and it was stolen away, I got it back in pieces and now I am putting it back together.

I invite you to learn more about my soul-searching and what I discovered along the way. If you are intrigued to know more…. come again. This is just a glimpse of my story, the preface. If you want to join me in my reflection, or just feast your eyes on the show… I will see you tomorrow… same time… same channel.

Morning fruit…..

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

cold landscape light long exposure
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My journey is one that can only start here. It will take me deeper within to find the one that loves me. I will trek to where he resides in the depths of the valleys that rest between the mountainous thoughts that span my mind, in the rivers of words spoken that stream into the sea of my heart and through the desert to the well inherent to my soul.

I plan to travel lightly and have packed my snacks wisely in hopes to have the energy and insight to continue to fill the pages of my every turn, trial and triumph along my path documented here with content that is nutrient rich. I hope it proves valuable to promote more than just the growth of my relationship with the love of my life… but yours as well.

The First Bite


“An unexamined life is one not worth living.” Socrates

Fancy meeting you here….

Introducing myself this way is unexpected for us both, but if there is anything I hope you get out of what I put into written form on these pages…. It has to be that in life we should always look for the unexpected.

I’ll be the first to admit, I am no expert at what I am doing here and I really don’t like to be hit with anything I don’t see coming.  Usually, it’s in those suddenly chaotic, how did I get here moments that the real us comes into full view and if I am being totally honest, I’m not certain you’ll like what you see… which worries me. I’m sure you can relate, to some extent and I’m probably stepping a little outside of the boundaries I’ve securely placed around my so-called life… to let you have a taste of what I have on my whole plate on a daily basis. However… it is my time to have a life worth living! So feel free to examine the spread I lay out on the table.

Table for two or three… including me?

The topics I share, I hope will give you something to talk about with others. They will have a whole lot to do with my every day walk through life. The doing’s, the going to’s, the thinking of’s and tidbits of my secret soul-searching time-out’s from lessons learned and leaned on. I am a mom, a christian and a traveler at heart with an anchored spirit. With what I serve up… I aspire to intrigue and feed you what your palate craves and needs. After all, what is life without an appetite for what you love?

Come again… come often!

When you get to know me… you will learn, I love to be fed! Secondly, my inherited Filipino foodie background means my all-time fave comfort food is bound to be best indulged within a crowd. In other words… invite others please! My best recipes are reserved for friends and fellowship.

Until next time…. I hope this was love at first bite!