Seasoned Beauty

Becoming Changed

yellow and black butterflies cocoon
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Time passed pressing in

Pushing out what’s within

Constricted to move in this fight

must breakthrough to the light

Wings built under pressure

The painful process I treasure

Now freed to take flight

What a beautiful sight

Seen in a season of change

                                               Thoughts on His Beauty and Creation

Flutter by thoughts


Thoughts are like butterflies meant to give us evidence that there is beauty in change,

but we often let them flutter by… and so our perception remains the same.

A beautiful time of day for you to join me…. my morning drive with tea on the go!

I am enjoying the last few days of summer traffic… a new school season is upon us.

More to learn… Are you ready for the change? I know I am. Hello Yellow!!!

“Change in all things is sweet”




Sleepless Seasons…My Many Reasons

Confessions and Expressions of a Night Owl

It’s that time again… late to bed. It’s just all the thoughts still caught in my head. Just me.

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Another night and good morning the facade passed their test.
Inner view eyes heavy laden, my heart under duress.
Unresolved anxious queries leave one without rest.
Time is unyielding to the need to progress.
Going where awards go to the show “er” up “er”s best dressed
Though alarm clocks stopped sounding I am somehow sleepless
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Feet upon pavement pounding,
Each day brings a quest.
The question worth asking sits still
and we move on to the next.
Ask not and have not,
And so I am put to the test.
In whom shall I trust, do you humbly suggest?
Won’t the clock soon stop ticking? This is why I sleep less. 
time lapse grayscale photograph of people pass through inside transportation terminal
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The race that I’m running,
it seems it’s endless.
While others make the marathon appear effortless.
I seek escape at the ninth mile to be laid to rest.
All the while, deliberating increases my weariness
My shoes, I am re-lacing, though I’d like to walk less.
Intentionally sleep walking improves my sleep less.
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The Season a Caged Bird Sings

What first seems hard can set you free… confessions and expressions of me.

beautiful girl

Dwelling in the desert can be a miserable state, until you come to the well.

Well, well, well… here we meet again. Just in time for dinner and a show!

As this season nears its end, there is something I think you should know

From time to time, I reason in rhyme…I don’t know why, it’s just how it goes

Time to change the tune of my song… it’ll be a bit different, to make you smile for a while, from this point on.

My Heart’s Song

As it was so delicately worded, when first I heard it;

The love song you placed in my heart

Like lyrical lemonade, once bitter now sweetly swayed

What you’ve spoken has set me apart

In time separated, my own thoughts negated

The dash, I perceived as a dart

For what’s in between, you hold what’s unseen

In the end… I will sing

O’ say can I see….. that you’ve truly been there from the start

black and white bird birdcage cage
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In a word…  in case you hadn’t heard, this bird has been set free.


“Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow. that I shall say good night, til it be morrow.” William Shakespeare

Seasoned for a Reason… I am

The ME in the Mirror

sunset beach night reflection
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I AM in the Mirror…

Standing in the sand on the edge of the shore,

looking with hope for something more

Been diving deep but coming up dry,

to my reflection I can only ask why

God, can you help me see beyond what’s in me?

He responds… “Who are you questioning? You or me?

The heat of the day brings an unquenchable thirst;

you see what’s on the horizon and need to expect more than the worst.

You limit what is seen by what can be expected from you

But if you’re asking me… I have much more in store for you to do.

Where you are now, at the edge of the shore

is not as important as what you are now, a vessel on which I AM aboard.”

I AM in the mirror.





Take a Second

Take a few to enjoy the view as we step back in time to the beginning. Like movie clips I see the moments of love past, at least the ones worthy of remembering.


“In all the world there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world there is no love for you like mine.”  Maya Angelou

As I take a sip of my morning tea and think about what comes next, I can’t help but be reminded of all that has already occurred. In one weeks time we have made progress by leaps and bounds and we are off to a great start but I recognize there is still so much more to take in. I am taken back by where to begin.

Let me start with the cup from which I choose to drink.


In Remembrance of Me

What do I remember in this time of you?
All you did for me and do for them too.
Examining myself, am I worthy of this?
You give everything for me and still I am amidst
a world full of troubles, trial and strife.
My focus is diverted by the pull on my life.
You prayed in the garden for the cup to be passed
but His will transpired, for you remained steadfast.
A willing sacrifice made so I could continue to stand,
forgiven of the trespasses done by my own hands.
I eat of this bread and drink of this cup…
but will I open the door and allow Him to interrupt?
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I look forward to the next time you join me to sup!


First tell me… What is Love?

white balloons
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“Love is… actually”

Listening contently to the laughter of the one that you let go

The open door and offered hand to someone you don’t know

A free ride to the mountain-top view from the valley you’re stuck in

…. at the lowest of the low

It’s for everything and everyone, everywhere raindrops and rivers flow

First things first… not looking to burst your bubble this morning but talking about the business of love is no one liner. It takes quite some time for our  thoughts and ideas on love to mature. So this is a topic that will need to be broken down into bite-size pieces.

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So, looking at it from its beginning stages is where we’ll start. If there was ever a good place to start… it’s at the beginning.

“In the beginning….”

Seeking out the meaning of love starts with really looking at how we define it. If we hope to ever find it; we have to be on the same page. Before hesitation really sets in about what I am cooking up here, let me first remind you of the invitation to join me in what I hope to be a sweet success.

The journey to discovering what true love really is, is not a trip I recommend taking alone. I am going to take the first step and ask you to join me in learning about love as it was always meant to be. So get to bed early and we can start the journey where all things begin… when we first see the light!

baby in black pants holding white balloon while standing
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This is my morning fruit. I hope it’s appealing enough for you to come again.

Now that you’ve found me… feel free to let me know where I can find you.


He Found Me First



When the desert blooms

Imagine the last hour of the day… when first light is still so far away

too many hours to fill until light… idle hands itching to end the fight

Wandering alone, in effort to be free but my solitude caught up with me

This was the desert in full bloom… then he found me 



Okay, so now that you know I am here… I guess the next thing to talk about is how I got here. I definitely took the long way and I didn’t stumble upon this page in this chapter of my life accidentally. It was all planned out, but not by me. Here’s just a piece of the story.

Once upon at time, this girl knew what she wanted… the house on the hill, career, kids, happy hubby and a car. A life fulfilled with every need met, but even with these simple things achieved something was missing still. It could not be explained, it just needed to be found. This girl was me and what was missing was my soul.

I was soul-searching for what seemed like the longest time and then one night in February of 2008, I was invited to take my first step toward finding it.  I accepted and I have no idea how I lived without it. I started off with it at one time and it was stolen away, I got it back in pieces and now I am putting it back together.

I invite you to learn more about my soul-searching and what I discovered along the way. If you are intrigued to know more…. come again. This is just a glimpse of my story, the preface. If you want to join me in my reflection, or just feast your eyes on the show… I will see you tomorrow… same time… same channel.

Morning fruit…..