A Hearty Serving

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“Corona? This is not what I ordered!”

Just one solemn thought from this servant’s heart this morning has led to a lot that I seem to have to say at this table set for two over what I feel none of us deserve.

A long….. distant relationship….

With the minimum (cough) distance between us growing, the fact that we can’t truly sup together means; what is being served at this table leaves a bit more to be desired regarding what’s on my plate. You see, in our relationship, I am always looking forward to the feast, and at a feast, which is what the extended invitation is for, take-out and delivery should not even be an option. This spawned a question in my mind… Who are you and I to judge the distance between anyone and God. With both the opportunity and current need for some to attend church from their comfy couch at home, I can’t help but wonder… how many will be willing to answer the call of God from where they are and step out of their comfort zone.

I have heard many tell me, “I don’t feel I need to go to church because church is not about the building.” … OK, to that there is some truth. But, I humbly ask, “Isn’t God about the building though?” Not the physical building… but the building up of His people and of His kingdom.

I am trying to re-assemble my thoughts so I can share instead of table them and be self-consumed with the current events. The reasonable need for others is spurred by the thought of me being left to myself at a feast, which would probably lead to nothing short of a huge helping of self-indulgence with a side of self-deceit… which in my past experience has ended up just giving me a ton of extra weight and defeat.

The bible clearly tells us “do not forsake the assembling of my people”…. and my understanding is that it’s important because it also says… “where two or more are gathered, there will I be also.”

There is no one we need to show up right now, more than the great “I AM”

Just when we were all starting to get comfy with the idea of having God up in the house… He stands at the door and knocks… and we are alarmed. Who are we really trying to be socially distanced from.  I was self-deceived, for a moment of time to think that not being gathered together may be the best option for all and that caring for others can still be done from a distance. To be honest, some desperately need to be touched by God and noone can judge the distance between anyone and God but God himself.

So maybe, just maybe you feel and are told you are selfish for wanting to gather OR perhaps you are feeling wrong for feeling the need to stay home. As I sit alone, in prayer, hoping to hear from someone other than myself, I hear exactly what I need to. He says, “The greatest concern of mine is not the measured distance that keeps us apart… but instead… your distant heart.”

I know this is a long distance relationship but can I speak with you frankly for a moment, heart to heart? With all the focus on social distancing, I feel we are masking the real problem… to truly stop the spread of what is killing us all… it’s not our mouth that needs to covered, it’s our heart.

Matthew 15:11 It is not what enters into the mouth that defiles the man, but what proceeds out of the mouth, this defiles the heart of a man. 

My biggest issue I have is within my own heart, the only distance I should be concerned about… between you and me… is the distance between me and YOU…GOD!

I will keep my mouth covered… as a sign of these times… but I can remain silent no more about what’s on my heart! I am humbled because I have been served… something I never deserved!


Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”


A Fruitful Fall

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An Apple a Day

Reflecting on my plans on how to best fill the days that fall ahead, my first thought is to plan to start every day off in the best way because at the end of the day, I want to be able to say I made the best choices. Expecting to be at my best all day long is a pretty tall order to fill, but if I follow the good doctor’s orders maybe I can come close.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” You may have heard this said a time or two before. When talking about love, especially the kind we set aside for ourselves, the idea of doing what is healthy every day is novel. In truth, being consistent in making healthy choices for your heart is a real struggle. Naturally, I’m talking about more than just the choices that please the palate.

How do you like them apples?

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Choosing what’s good for ourselves in love is a challenge we all face. There are  forces that constantly tug to tempt us to take the wrong turn. Exposing the core of the question at hand…our own heart can even be what deceives us to think we are doing what’s best.

Basically, if any past effort to do good turned out rotten in despite of all you sacrificed, you are probably hesitant to put all of your apples into one basket again. Afterall, if you can not keep the bad from happening, why plan to keep trying for good, right?  After a heartbreaking experience or two “Not falling for that again” quickly became my reason for making minimal moves toward love. I was playing it smart, so I thought.

At the heart of it all, God knew my area of struggle. I didn’t want to completely trust anyone with my heart again. However, the love He has to offer is not like anything I’ve experienced in the past so…. He had to show me. With much trepidation, I slowly learned my investment is only a waste if my heart’s desire is not lined up with His. He is the one who holds the blueprints for all that is in the works. What about your plans for building upon what’s healthy for you in love?

Wondering where to begin? It starts exactly where you think.

Proverbs: 23. 7. For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.

A Heart to Heart Moment

The noted verse is intended to make one consider the source. When and where we choose to dine matters. Who we are enjoying our meal with can also make a world of difference. However, those should not be given more thought than who is doing the cooking. The one who has prepared these tasteful bites definitely deserves to be considered and I cannot move on to the next course without further clarification. So I’m curious to know, in the wait for what’s good to come….are you in for the long run?

You weren’t thinking of dining and ditching, right? If you intend to make sure you’re taking in more of what’s in store then let’s get straight to the core. When was the last time you checked your heart? What about the heart of others at the table with you? Sometimes we can get so caught up with trying to play it smart that the need to check everyone else’s heart takes precidence and we forget about our own. If you pulled up a second seat, God is checking all of the hearts at this table to get us to answer one question because He wants to see who will admit whether or not they are all in because where you stand determines where He sits.

“Who sits on the throne of your heart?”

If you’ve decided to join me in sup with the king, I have invited him to stay at the table. If you plan to continue to eat and drink here… you must put what you know of love from the past in its place. He aims to take His place and He is second to none.

That’s the thought of the hour folks!

Thought #5 of 101:

True love is “King”…second to none


Are You Finished?

Completely in Love

Morning tea

Maybe you’re not quite finished, but according to Jesus, It is finished.

Thought #2 of 101: True love is complete

“Love covers a multitude of sins”… is what I had on my mind for the longest time.

“Are you sure?” I asked.” You must not have seen it all yet God.” As if He didn’t know who or what He was working with.  It took a while for me to absorb the truth. I just couldn’t see it or grasp it. The idea that all that I did or was in the past being completely finished seemed like it should require so much more. Especially since I still felt quite undone.

Well, if this sounds familiar to you and one of the main thoughts that will often travel across your mind is… “a love that is complete…is something I will probably never see for myself,” then I’d like to clarify something for you, just in case you’re feeling undone about finding love or you are done and lost in your search for it…

God’s love is unlike anything you have seen before and like nothing you’ll ever experience anywhere else. If you are searching for something familiar then you’ll be searching forever. It is unique because it existed without and before you, but was and is always there for you. To further explain: God wanted you and me, before we ever wanted him or anything really. He gave his life so we could be set free, while we continued to reject him. There is nothing more final than His death or more astounding than His resurrection.

God did both so that we could move on and continue on. He died to rid us of what He never wanted us to have, our sin and He rose from the dead, so that we could receive everything He always had for us. Through these two acts, I have been presented with gift of love that withstands all of the hurt and rejection and a hope for love that goes beyond the grave.

His love is so complete that he thought enough of you and me to know we would question just how much he completely wants us… even after He paid the ultimate price.

Have you gained the understanding yet that His love goes above and beyond any and everything. So… even in times when I have doubt in His love because I am uncertain of myself, my ability, my strength, my wisdom, my future….. My hope and faith rests in His word. It says, I can look forward to the end of every day and every tomorrow….

“being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” 

Philippians 1:6 (NIV)

The point I am getting to at the end of this night is …. He leaves nothing He loves undone. He finishes everything He starts. He has enough love for His work and creation to keep working until all the “heart” work is done.

So… I am complete in love, with Him.

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Second Nature

We’ve covered what we needed to in the beginning and now we know that there has to be a first time for everything. So what’s next…. the second time, naturally. The first attempt to find true love may have been premature, to say the least, but the second round is where it’s all happening.

What is love, actually?” The first question…led us to thinking about the first time we experienced love and pondering whether we would change that experience if the ability to re-create it was within our power. Now we’ll take more than a second to look at what we got out of the first time to determine the direction we are going next.

So…. like many looking for love on the surface, I have to ask the question inquiring minds want to know….

What’s your sign?

Your sign is important because it indicates where you are at and that is something you need to know as much as others. What we have to recognize about the sign we are displaying though is what it is… or in other words, what it is really pointing to or putting out there. When others see your sign is it truly an indication of where you are presently or is it saying something else?

BEWARE of the sign

Although signs are meant to be helpful, reading or interpreting them can be tricky. Signs are posted with a purpose to communicate where you’re at, where you have been or what is expected or lies ahead. However, the sign we carry daily or the one we are often looking for often adds to the confusion rather than contributing to certainty about the final destination.  So if you’re feeling a little lost on your path to finding love and you’re searching for a sign to give you hope for the future, you may need to look elsewhere.

Why do we need a sign?

It’s in our second nature to doubt. We are all just skeptics at heart. In our search for the best, we expect the worst is awaiting us around the corner. Even those of us that continually give our best “in love” to others can be guilty of lacking confidence that it will be received in return. Without a sign, the quest for love leaves us feeling like we are in the middle of nowhere.

The sign of the times

When we are totally lost we can get desperate. Desperation usually has us waving a white flag in surrender hoping that someone will see the smoke signals and come to our rescue. We still look though… to the sea and to the sky for any sign out there that a miracle can happen. In this day and age the signs are everywhere but they are changing by the minute. Everyone is putting up their own billboard to display what they want you to see but they are all over the map, so it would be a fruitless effort if you tried to find where they stand in life and love just by reading their sign.

So this time, I end this mornings search for fruit with a fast. I think what I truly need is a sign of hope. I am tired of playing games. I am not in search for love anymore. I proudly wave my white flag in surrender. I have come to realize, when it comes to love… I really just need salvation.

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