Keeping the Faith

GROUNDED "Good evening folks... this is your captain speaking...." statically coming over the loudspeaker. As the flight crew pauses from their routine, he continues "We have some adverse conditions currently that are causing some delay of our on-time take off." "Just great!" Exclaims the man in the seat behind me. "Excuse me, do we know … Continue reading Keeping the Faith

A More “Uh-peeling” ME

The Unveiling Nature of Love It's no secret, without regret... I've decided since we've met, it's time to peel back some skin. He purges the urges... to search any further without going deeper within. Skimming the surface, He sees that I'm nervous... but let the exfoliation begin! The thoughts have been daunting because I know … Continue reading A More “Uh-peeling” ME