Me First Please

Nestle into God
Love to Nestle – In Need

Feeling Fruitless…. in the morning… looking at me

Okay….looking at me first

Have you ever been eager to taste something that you knew, from experience, was absolutely horrible? There was a comedian I once listened to… joking about a laughable situation where a friend pleaded for him to take a taste of something bad, exclaiming “EWW man! Dude this is nasty…. Here, taste it!” Why? Why would I? That’s what my immediate thought was, when placing myself in that scenario.
So doing a little self-reflection before the rising of the sun, I asked myself… In the area of fruitful relationships, my “love-life” so to speak “What is the flavor of the day?” Am I counting on something bitter or leaning toward something sweet. Is it possible to hope for something other than what’s expected?
When it comes to trying something, people can be fickle for sure and I cannot say that I would blame you for taking a step back.  Just like in the situation the comedian was making light of…. (behind every good joke… lies a little truth, right?) misery definitely seems to love company and when somebody has been left with a bad taste in their mouth…if often seems that they just can’t wait to share it.
The golden rule is supposed to be “love others as you would love yourself”. Actually as it is written in Matthew 22:39 “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” is something that is commanded for us to do. So I beg to ask the question…. When it comes to love, why do so many of us just dish out what we have been given rather than what we would like to have been given ourselves?
So, I am putting myself out there to any that have a taste for putting more love into their life… what’s your take of it all? If you’re not jumping up and down with your hands waving in the air, I totally understand. For the longest time, I wasn’t in the mood for investing more thought and effort into matters of the heart either, but still the same question remains as I choose to walk with Him.
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He loves me, he loves me not? That was always the question. My first impressions of love and relationships left a bitter taste in my mouth (extra emphasis on the word bitter). The question comes from self-examination, as I look at my face in the mirror. At first glance, yesterday morning I only saw me but now that I am free… there is more to see.
So…in love and life, do I want to learn more about the topic? In theory yes…. in reality, not really. Going on through several years of not so young life, experiencing love and relationships, one gets to thinking one knows everything needed and becomes unwilling to learn more. However, that would be less than fruitful. Something I have come to realize is; everything I have known to this point is very little… about me, love, life and all that it truly has to offer.
To be true to learning to live one wholly loved life… it is time to rethink what I thought I knew about the fruits of life and love.
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