A Pregnant Pause

pregnant woman sitting on bathtub
Photo by lucas mendes on Pexels.com

As I step back and pause to consider all that has been in the making, I find myself in awe of the miracle of God’s creation daily.

I’m not just talking about what I have in me…. I am talking about something that we all have in common with our creator, which is the desire and ability to create more love daily.

What’s pause-itively amazing about today?

… a brand new life to love, one developed with hope to one day become all it is destined to be from re-birth.

Wondering where I am going with this? I understand… because for a minute I started to feel like I wasn’t going anywhere myself, but this morning I sat with a full cup once again and in a moment of clarity, it came to me. My whole life has been spent and meant to lead up to this… waiting in expectation for the next great opportunity to tell someone… about the love I have found and am now burdened to share.

I have always had a story to tell, don’t we all? The love stories I use to tell others were always about the love I was looking for. I was always searching in all the wrong places, so all that I had to talk about was where I had been. Today, the love I have found allows me to tell you about where love is leading me next and the hope that exists for you to find of the love of your life too! I know you have been waiting for it! It is found in the one and only true friend and lover of all of our lives… Jesus Christ! I mean He died for you and I and love doesn’t get any more real than that.
“Greater love has noone than this, that he lay down his life for his friends”
John 15:13

Is where I am going inconceivable? My aim is to get to the single element that must exist in order for anything else to. God’s greatest creation… love.

I am “in love” today and need to make sure I pause and let it soak in.

Maybe you need to also.

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